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Panic & Emergency Exit Hardware

All Emergency Exit Hardware is in accordance with BS EN179.
To be used in situation where people are familiar with the emergency exit
and its hardware and therefore a panic situation is most unlikely to develop.

All Panic Exit Hardware is in accordance with BS EN1125: 1997.
It is desirable that doors at the final exits in public buildings, places of
entertainment, shops etc should be fitted with panic hardware

Description (Click for further details) Price Unit
Image for EXIDOR322EC Exidor 322EC Outside Lever Locking Attachment Silver EXIDOR322EC £71.11 Each
Image for EXIDOR302EC Exidor 302EC Outside Knob Locking Attachment Silver EXIDOR302EC £68.22 Each
Image for EXIDOR297 Exidor 297 Push Pad Panic Latch Silver EXIDOR297 £45.53 Each
Image for EXIDOR296 Exidor 296 Single Panic Latch Silver EXIDOR296 £45.53 Each
Image for EXIDOR294 Exidor 294 Single Panic Bolt Silver EXIDOR294 £59.58 Each
Image for EXIDOR293 Exidor 293 Push Pad Panic Bolt Silver EXIDOR293 £62.18 Each
Image for EXIDOR285 Exidor 285 Double Panic Bolt For Rebated Doors Silver EXIDOR285 £109.07 Each
Image for AR880 Single Panic Bolt-SILVER BS EN1125: 1997 AR880 £68.57 Each
Image for AR882 Panic Latch Silver BS EN1125: 1997 AR882 £52.40 Each
Image for AR883 Reversible Push Pad - Silver BS EN179 AR883 £52.40 Each
Image for AR884 Push Pad Single Panic Bolt Silver BS EN1179 AR884 £71.56 Each
Image for AR885K External Locking Attachment Knob Type Silver AR885K £69.03 Each
Image for AR887 Double Door Strike Silver AR887 £8.95 Each
Image for AR888 Double Door Rebated Set-SILVER BS EN1125: 1997 AR888 £125.53 Each
Image for 5031913001780 Codelock 500PKSS Pushbutton Attachment for Panic Bars 5031913001780 £92.97 Each
Image for 5027968527009 Briton Knob Operated Outside Access Unit 1413E SE 5027968527009 £74.24 Each
Image for REDLAMMK132207 Redlam Panic Bolt MK1 REDLAMMK132207 £27.40 Each
Image for CERAMTUBE Ceramic Tube for Redlam Panic Bolt - P8022 CERAMTUBE £2.46 Each
Image for GLASSTUBE Glass Tube for Redlam Panic Bolt GLASSTUBE £1.05 Each
Image for SELECTOR01 Door Selector SAA Finish SELECTOR01 £22.40 Each


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