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BSI Kitemark and Secured by Design are the most recognised badges of quality and security in the UK. Whilst we are extremely proud of our BSI Kitemark and Secured by Design accredititation, and the control that these badges add to a quality product, these standards today, test very effectively for bumping, picking and drilling, but do not adequately test for snapping of cylinders. Although moves are being made to address the situation.

Existing security standards were fine when they were instituted, but security is an evolving battle between criminals and technology. What was adequate in one age becomes inadequate in another, as criminals learn the weaknesses of existing hardware.

Furthermore, existing standards and standard tests are designed to be reproducible and give consistent results. This compromise means existing tests can lag behind real life risks. How closely should testing replicate real life? In putting more weight behind repeatability rather than replicating real life situations, standards become more elegant but less useful.Standard organisations and industry bodies resist tests where only one company or product can pass perhaps because they want homeowners to have a choice of product. Of equal importance to these organisations is the matter of funding which comes from companies who want their products endorsed by their standard. It is uneconomic to have standards only one or two firms can meet.

Other manufacturers state their cylinder achieves stringent BSI Kitemark™ test criteria and meets the police preferred specification requirements of Secured by Design, and that the Kitemark™ logo stamped on the face of the cylinder provides assurance to the consumer that the cylinder meets BSI requirements and also acts as a deterrent to potential intruders. Whilst the Kitemark offers confidence in manufacturing and quality process, and substantial testing to protect against bumping, picking and drilling (skilled Locksmith methods), it offers little protection against the unskilled method of the burglar – snapping!

So what standard should you look for for ultimate security?

We have tested leading security cylinders and handles using common burglary methods with very basic tools.

The tests comprised of fitting the hardware to a door, and attacking the locked door with simple tools, using the same method a burglar would use, with the aim of getting in, in under 3 minutes, with as little noise as possible. Only the fitted hardware was attacked, no other part of the door.

The concerning issue is that while many of these products carry a Kitemark and / or Secure by Design accreditation we managed to open the door in the majority of cases, in less than a minute.

The Sold Secure Diamond standard has been launched and addresses real life methods of attack.

Sold Secure (owned by the Master Locksmiths Association - the experts in locks and security fitting), is dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products.

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